Friday, July 25, 2008

Me and my Poochie

I love my dog and decided that she needed a little sparkle too! My mom and I decided to put some pearls on her and do a "Dallas Dazzle" shot of her and I...... he he he. I have had my dog since I was nine years old. We had another black lab named Kozmo but he drowned in the virgin river. We were on a bike ride with my dad and Kozmo was running with us and he got to the Virgin River before us and slipped into a waterfall and drowned. It was a very sad day for me and my family. Since we were all blubbering about it for days dad decided we needed a replacement dog. He found Chessie through some friends and he went and picked her up in Arizona and surprised us! She was just a 6 week old puppy with blue eyes! We fell in love with her the second she entered our home.


Joan said...

Hi sweetheart,

You are just too precious! Love your blog. I can't believe I am doing this. Your mother made me do it too. It is way fun but I should be picking more apricots, completeing all the literature for the Chocolate Biz, weeding, (I did do a lot of that this morning)ironing (you know that thing that all you young chicks don't do) hehe
and taking care of all the things this old R.S. Pres. should do for her calling. But actually, I need to start the Apricot Jam so here I go. I love ya to pieces. Grandma

Elli said...

I love your pictures! you need to come visit us!

Elli said...

when r u going to update!!!!!!!!! when do you start school? ill c u soon! maybe!

Madeline & Peter said...

I don't know if I can handle this blog... It might be to shiny for a little dull - drum like myself. Ha Ha... Emily you are a crack up! I am thinking that you are needing to post some more of your shiny jewels and those little Dallas Diva shots you and mom did!

Love ya!